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Creepy Claws: UNDEAD by Dental Distortions

Dental Distortions

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 Creepy Claws are here! They're perfect for ripping open boxes, tearing flesh from the bone or clawing your way into somebody's heart.

UNDEAD Claws are great for digging yourself out of a buried coffin, that is, if you should ever find yourself waking up in one.


Creepy Claws are Film-Quality prosthetic costume claws, designed by one of the leading sculptors in the film industry exclusively for Dental Distortions, Inc. Each set is hand painted for ultra-high realism. These semi-ridged claws fit over your fingernails just like regular acrylic nails and are held in place with special cosmetic tape that you custom fit to your nails (included).

Get 'em while they last!


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